In today’s image and brand conscious world, the perceived image, positioning and ultimate vision of a hotel product is of paramount importance to its success in the marketplace.  Sepia Design Consultants Limited offers assistance in the formulation of image and positioning strategies for both new construction and renovation of existing hotels.

    Hotel Image / Repositioning Design Strategies

    For existing hotels, we offer a comprehensive set of recommendations — both aesthetic and operational — to optimize a given hotel’s perceived position in the marketplace in relation to its competitive set.

    Hotel Design Briefs

    For major renovations and new construction, we offer a thorough analysis of a specific project in relation to its physical parameters and market conditions, in collaboration with the Client, resulting in the preparation of a comprehensive customized Design Brief.  This detailed document outlines a clear vision of the desire positioning of the property, identifies specific area allocations and operational criteria, and ultimately becomes the master control document for the design and technical team on which to base their detailed designs.

    Hotel Food & Beverage Concepts

    As an adjunct to the Hotel Design Brief, additional services can include the formulation of market-specific Food & Beverage Concepts in conjunction with the Hotel Operator.

    Architectural Rendering / Illustration

    An integral method of communicating design intent is through visual communication.  We offer a variety of methods to facilitate visualization of design concepts ranging from rough conceptual sketches to polished architectural and interior renderings suitable for sales & marketing purposes.


    For specially themed environments, a process of storyboarding is useful in describing a sequence of events and to provide a holistic view of a themed experience.