LEED Certification

    Sepia Design Consultants Limited, through our in-house LEED® Accredited Professional (AP), can provide specific design input and assistance in the application and certification process relative to the internationally recognized US-based LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating and certification system.

    Benefits of LEED® Certification

    As an increasingly recognized hallmark of sustainably designed projects around the world, LEED® Certification of projects can:

    •  Promote recognition of a Client’s commitment to environmental issues in one’s community, organization, and industry

    •  Provide third party validation of achievement relative to sustainability and environmental issues

    •  Qualify a project for a growing array of state and local government initiatives

    •  Provide marketing exposure through USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) and GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute) websites, Greenbuild Conferences, case studies, and media announcements.

    Sustainable Design

    LEED® Certification of Existing Building and New Construction and Major Renovations addresses the following aspects of sustainable design:

    •  Sustainable site selection and development

    •  Water Efficiency

    •  Energy & Atmosphere

    •  Material & Resources

    •  Indoor Environmental Quality

    •  Innovation in Design